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Who m' I?

Detail-oriented project manager with master degree in computer science, making engineering works.

What else?

I have rofessional work experience in industrial automation, an in-depth understanding of project lifecycles, software architecture and development with good coding knowledge in C, Python, Lua and MS Visual Basic. Fundamentals knowledge of Tcl/Tk, Ruby, HTLM 5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript programming and Linux system administration. Certified knowledge in Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Risk Management, Network Security and Computer Forensics. With over 22 years’ experience in microcomputer controlled system design and additional experience on 3D CAD design, to design precision tech parts (electronics’ enclosure, plastic injection molds and small mechanical parts), e-CAD for electric and electronic schemes capture, PCB layouts and 3D models. I can design and realize prototype of electronic device, in multidisciplinary fields, comprehensive of enclosure, firmware and application software. Broad understanding of design and construction process with exceptional creativity, problem solving and experience on industrial production organization.

So What?

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