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In this site I will tell some story and show some picture

Same of my photo shots


I’m passionate about the photography. Following you can find some of the photos which I published on Unsplash Photo Community.

By clicking on them, is possible to download hi-res pic for free.


One of the joys of life


be on cloud

The Most Downloaded



The Gardian

Mysterious observer of humankind

Meet Me

Mere attempt at self-promotion


Photo by raszpixel on Unsplash

I have a master degree in computer science, but I did a lot of engineering job lasts 25 years. But Now I’m a PhD. Student!

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On the Press

19th novembre 2011 – ‘Il Mattino’

An interview to describe our lasts projects of 2011, was published in the national newspaper. All the team was very proud.

The first half of 2011 we realize the hardware and the firmware of the distributed wi-fi sensor for “PITER”. A platform to monitor and promote the territory production.

The second half of 20111 we realized a wi-fi context-aware infrastructure to guide people visiting the “San. Francesco” woods.

18th February 2012 – Il Denaro

This article in a regional newspaper, talk about a prototype we realized to guide blind people in visiting city places.


In 1988, the prototype of the patent, “self-propelled potting for the wing and/or the launching of boats, running and in immersion”, won the silver medal at the 16th International Exhibition of Inventions and new techniques of Geneva.

In 2007, I participated in the 1st prize Best Practices Innovation, sponsored by the Advanced Tertiary group of Confindustria, with the project ‘ AC&M ‘ and receives a special mention with the following motivation: “The mention is an acknowledgement to the work of diffusion Innovation realized by a micro company, a report that wants to enhance the efforts of a young entrepreneurial reality, engaged in the innovation of the production cycles of corporate commissions and able to provide a concrete Contribution to the competitive renewal of the economy and to the growth of the research culture in productive areas “.

In 2008, I participated in the 2nd prize Best Practices Innovation, sponsored by the Advanced Tertiary group of Confindustria, with the project ‘ Active Asset Tag ‘, receiving the award for “Product Innovation Pure and absolute”.


Present and Recent Past